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Every company is different. Standardized consulting engagements based on a cookie-cutter approach, often used by large consulting firms, are simply not effective in today's highly complex world. Our consultants are experts in their field, who take the time to understand your unique situation and requirements. We bring together the major elements of Business Strategy, Advanced Technology, and Data Analytics in order to develop a wholistic suite of solutions to meet your specific business needs. We take you from vision and concept, to actionable insights, practical solutions, and effective implementation.

Our Services

We have an extensive history of helping some of the largest companies in the world understand how to transform their business through the use of advanced technology and data driven solutions.

Business Strategy

While advanced technologies and data analytics will undoubtedly be the major drivers of business success for the foreseeable future, we know from years of hands-on experience that these solutions alone are not enough. Indeed, we wrote the highly success book "NetReady" to explain the reasons for this phenominon. We created our proprietary, proven methodology founded on the four pillars of Neteady: Leadership, Governance, Competence, and Technology / Data. We analyze these four key drivers of your business to help you develop an effective business strategy to leverage the powerful world of the Internet, IoT, and Analytics.


The Internet of Things is the most advanced phase of the Internet revolution, projected to have a dramatically greater impact than the Internet has had to date! Less than 99% of today's 'things' are connected to the Internet but they are being added in their billions, every year. As they are connected, they provide huge amounts of new data that can give you unimginable insights into your world. We understand the potential of the Internet and IoT technologies, and work with you to develop innovative strategies that will enable you to stay ahead of the pack.


With the vast amount of data at our disposal thanks to the Internet, IoT sensor data, and Social Media, we are now in the 'Data Era' where business success will be driven by your ability to leverage analytic insights. We help you to understand the potential of data, and and advanced solutions using artifical intelligence techniques such as Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning & Neural Networks, and Dynmaic Visualizations. We will provide you with the actionable analytic insights that will enable you to make more effective business decisions and outpace your competition.

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